The ONLY VR Coaster north of Columbus!

PLUS - GIANT versions of classic games

4 In A Row

THINK; Connect 4...Take a trip back to your childhood and remember the hours and hours of fun you had playing this classic game

Tumbling Tower

THINK GIANT Jenga...Available in WOOD or FOAM. Foam playing pieces are 3"x3"x9" and weigh only 2 oz. Wood are 2"x3". The tower can reach 6' in height.


THINK; Ker-Plunk...Load up the balls, place in the pins and pull...The fewer balls that falls means you're winning!

Top Doc

THINK: Operation...Use the GIANT tweezers and try to remove the different injured body parts without touching the sides...If you touch - LOOK out everyone will know it. Tons of fun

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