the dj company....SINCE 1976

We've loved every minute of our journey


They are what we specialize in, We have performed thousands upon thousands of them over the years. We thrive on making sure that the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT social event in your life is carried out with perfection!

Social Events/Parties

Who doesn't want to have fun at a Social Event? Anniversary, Retirement, Birthday, Block Parties. We do them all and when there is a call for interactive fun, we've got you covered!

Add On's

Whether it's a Photo Booth, Up-Lighting or even Video services we can save you HUNDREDS of dollars by shopping under one roof!

"No service provider can have as big of an impact on the success or failure of a Wedding Reception as the entertainment can." - Martha Stewart.

The entertainment alone determine what memories are held for years to come following your big day. Years after the event is over people will remember if they had a good time...OR NOT!

They will have long forgotten what kind of chicken, veggie and cake they ate but they WILL remember Dancing, Laughing and the experience of having a GREAT time!

Why Us?

Entertaining OVER 5 million guests at OVER 22,000 events for OVER 40 years!.

1 - We run a real, FULL TIME


2 - We have a place of business

and that is where you meet us,

NOT at some restaurant or

coffee shop.

3 - Our clients meet with and work

with the specific DJ that will be at their event.

4 - We carry Business Liability Insurance like any true

business does.

IF you are considering any DJ service that does not meet all of these minimal requirements, you are considering a non-professional and leaving your most important event in the hands of someone who does not care enough to operate like a true business.

Odds are that you, your family and friends will pay the price for that mistake.